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Millennium Wars: 
Fortress of vengeance

June 11

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Introducing the Fortress of Vengeance: Customizable Terrain for Tabletop Warriors!

Dive into the heart of battle with our latest creation, the Fortress of Vengeance. Crafted with the fierce spirit of resistance, this terrain set is a modular battlefield, ready to adapt to your strategic and aesthetic demands.

Basic Set Features

Cannon: Choose to mount your heavy artillery on the platforms for maximum impact

Tower: Dominating the landscape at over 9 inches tall, perfect for overseeing the fray or sniping distant targets.

Standard Buttresses: A variety of designs to fortify your walls and add an authentic touch to your fortress.

Walls: Flexible placement options allow you to design your fortress layout exactly as you see fit.

Platforms: Equipped with a functional hatch for missile deployment, ready to turn the tide of any battle.

Exciting Unlocks

🟣Modular Bunker: Two floors of fortified might, providing cover and strategic positioning.

🟣Ground Shelters: Integrated platform for a cannon, ensuring your artillery has the protection and elevation needed for precise strikes.

Addons for Enhanced Customization

🟣Alternate Cannon Version: Swap out for a different style to match the theme of your army or scenario.

🟣Alternate Walls and Buttresses: Further customize your fortress' appearance, choosing from a wide array of designs.


Change out buttresses and rearrange walls to suit the needs of your battle or display. Whether you're staging an epic conflict or crafting a detailed diorama, this set provides everything you need for a dynamic and visually striking tableau.

The true strength of the Fortress of Vengeance lies in its customization

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to claim your Fortress of Vengeance! 
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