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Rock Head 24: Doshnilov Group

Meet Marou, a member of Doshnilov Group. Marou, could you give us a short recap of what your gang is up to, for those who live under a rock?

We are from Stone Tower, like the recent Arena victors, Ravenclaws. We have access to state-of-the-art equipment of our own making and are the force behind most of Rock Head’s scientific advancements. Food on your table? Hydroponics we’ve pioneered. Affordable, reliable guns in your pawn shop? You’re welcome. That is all you need to know.

Whether that’s all or not is for us to judge. How would you describe your relationship with Ravenclaws? Who’s the bigger fish in that pond?

No one. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership. We represent interests of the same district, so infighting would put too much of a strain on our resources and turn both of our gangs into carrion for rivals to snack on. We are not friends per se - should we end up in the same bracket, we’ll scatter their guts across the Arena - but we reinforce each other and pool our supplies, especially in times of great turmoil.

Speaking of which - what’s your beef with Tectonic Titans?

There can be no “beef” between men and women who spearhead arms production and nudge Rock Head City towards a better future and literal cavemen that worship and hoard scrap metal they think will magically come back to life one day.

Should Tectonics feel threatened by the fact that your leader has been seen accompanied by His Eminence’s bodyguards? Rumours have been circulating in regards to some grand project of yours.

I cannot provide any commentary. But Tectonics should feel threatened by their very way of life. Sitting on a pile of pre-Blackout tech will only get them so far. Stagnation is a highway to extinction. Let’s just say that we are actively working towards solving the inevitable energy crisis, in His Eminence’s best interests.

Can you then comment on those raids you’ve bankrolled? The neighbouring districts don’t seem to be looking forward to your visits.

No one is allowed to feel entitled to the technology they have dug up in their backyard. It is the legacy of bygone era that should be used to pull us, as a collective whole, out of the hell that is the current year. We do not believe in simpletons’ right to use crystalline power cells to charge their flashlights. Ours is the rule of the strong and the knowledgeable. We have the wisdom to both operate this machinery and improve upon its blueprints.

A final word for our viewers?

As always, come to Stone Tower Junkyard to sell scrap. We pay generously, and you can be sure that whatever you bring will be turned into something useful.


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