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Base Boost: 3D Printable Terrain for Fantasy & Sci-Fi Games

4300 3D printable STL models for tabletop games: bases, toppers, rollers, bonus miniatures, terrain decorations & magnetic bases

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All subscribers of the project will receive a 30% discount on the assortment of MMF Taiga Miniatures

You can print the tops on flat without the need of supports.

Our bases are suitable for printing even on printers with a small construction area, such as Mars 1 with dimensions of 120x68x155 mm

Recommended parameters for printing bases without supports on a photopolymer printer:

  • 10 layers of bottom

  • 3 seconds illumination time

  • 30 seconds time of illumination of the bottom

The printing parameters of such bases on the FDM printer depend on the printer model.

As a special bonus, anyone who subscribes to the project before the start of the campaign will receive a free test model that they can print and try out for themselves

Wondering if it's worth it? That's okay! Try our demo bits and check them out. Just subscribe and download it for free

In the heart of an advanced research laboratory, where the boundaries of science and possibility blurred, there stood a scene that defied understanding—a failed experiment that had left a haunting tableau of wires, fans, and an enigmatic skeleton within a high-tech capsule. It was a scene that hinted at the unfathomable depths of scientific exploration.

Adjacent to the central capsule, a swirling vortex of energy hung suspended in mid-air—an otherworldly portal that pulsed with the promise of untold adventures. It beckoned with the allure of parallel universes and the tantalizing possibility of time travel, its mysterious depths waiting to be explored.

As scientists and researchers gathered around the enigmatic scene, they were filled with a sense of awe and trepidation. What had gone wrong with the experiment? What secrets did the skeleton and the swirling portal hold? It was a tableau that left them with more questions than answers, a testament to the boundless curiosity of humanity and the unfathomable mysteries of the universe.

The Laboratory of Tomorrow was a place where scientific boundaries were pushed beyond imagination. Gleaming chrome surfaces and humming machines lined the walls, and holographic interfaces glowed with data and equations that defied comprehension. Yet, amidst the cutting-edge technology, one corner remained shrouded in mystery.

The Laboratory of Tomorrow had become a place of wonder and uncertainty, a place where the boundaries of science and the unknown merged into a mesmerizing, enigmatic dance. It stood as a stark reminder that even in the realm of advanced technology, there were frontiers yet to be explored, and that the pursuit of knowledge would forever be an odyssey into the realms of the extraordinary.

The Maze of Winding Roads was a legendary part of the Magic Forest, known for its beguiling twists and turns. Each cobblestone path seemed to have a mind of its own, shifting and rearranging itself as travelers ventured deeper into its depths. To navigate it was to embrace the forest's enchantment fully.

In the heart of the Magic Forest, where ancient trees whispered secrets and fireflies danced in mystical patterns, there lay a scene like no other. It was a place where winding roads of cobblestone intertwined with the whimsical foliage, leading adventurers on a journey filled with surprises and enchantment.

As you strolled down the cobblestone paths, the forest came alive with a vibrant symphony of colors and sounds. Cute, fluffy wolves with luminous eyes watched your every move, their tails wagging playfully. They were guardians of the maze, ensuring that those who entered did so with good intentions.

As you left the Maze of Winding Roads and the enchanted glade behind, the forest whispered its gratitude for your visit. The Magic Forest remained a realm of endless wonder, filled with unusual creatures, winding roads, and mysteries yet to be unveiled by those who dared to explore its depths.

Then, there were the rabid carrots, their orange exteriors hiding a mischievous streak. As you passed, they would leap out from the underbrush, playfully nipping at your heels. But fear not, their bites were more ticklish than harmful, and they were easily appeased with a few kind words and a crisp apple from your pocket. And don't be afraid of the knife in their hands, it's not even sharp (we think).

On a remote stretch of seashore, where the relentless waves of the sea met the golden sands of a hidden beach, an intriguing scene awaited discovery. This picturesque yet enigmatic setting held the secrets of a bygone era, where swashbuckling pirates and buried treasures were more than just legends.

The Hidden Cove was a sanctuary known to only the most intrepid adventurers and treasure hunters. Nestled between imposing cliffs, it offered an idyllic escape from the chaotic world beyond. As the gentle lapping of the waves created a soothing melody, the beach stretched out, inviting those who dared to step onto its sun-kissed shores.

Amidst this treasure-laden scene, a couple of living pirates patrolled the cove. They were the descendants of the pirate captain, sworn to protect the secrets of their forebears. Dressed in tattered clothing and brandishing cutlasses, they watched over the beach with both vigilance and suspicion, ready to defend their legacy.

As adventurers ventured to the Hidden Cove, they found themselves drawn into a world where the line between legend and reality blurred. The scene held the promise of untold riches, but it also concealed the ghosts of pirates past. Those who dared to explore the cove would be swept up in a thrilling tale of mystery, danger, and the enduring allure of pirate lore that still lingered in the salty sea air.

In the heart of a desolate,mist-shrouded forest, there lay a sacred cemetery, a place where the living dared not tread. The cemetery, nestled amidst gnarled trees and choked by vines, was a haunting realm that evoked fear and a chilling sense of the supernatural.

The Sacred Cemetery was an ancient burial ground, untouched by time or human hands for centuries. It was said that the souls interred here were not at rest, and the gravestones, pedestals, and coffins stood as silent witnesses to their torment. A palpable aura of dread hung heavy in the air, like a ghostly shroud that clung to the very earth.

Few dared to enter the Sacred Cemetery, and those who did often did so reluctantly, driven by desperate quests for forbidden knowledge or ill-conceived dares. They navigated the labyrinthine paths with trepidation, their every step echoing through the stillness like an affront to the spirits that dwelled there.
As the moon hung low in the sky, casting long, ghostly shadows across the cemetery, the fear of the supernatural became almost palpable. Whispers of distant moans and ethereal lamentations filled the night, and spectral figures seemed to drift among the gravestones, their presence felt but rarely seen.

As the sun's first rays broke through the forest canopy, those who had dared to enter the Sacred Cemetery made their hasty retreat, their faces etched with fear and awe. They left behind a realm where the supernatural and the mortal world converged, a place where the boundary between life and death was blurred, and where the restless souls of the departed remained forever trapped.
 In each of these evocative scenes, the presence of two characters is indeed a bonus that adds depth, complexity, and the potential for rich storytelling. Whether they are allies, adversaries, or kindred spirits, these two characters embark on their own unique journeys, uncovering mysteries, confronting challenges, and forging connections that enhance the narrative.

Their interactions create a dynamic interplay of personalities, perspectives, and emotions, enriching the scene with the potential for conflict, collaboration, or unexpected twists. Together, they breathe life into the story, drawing readers or viewers deeper into the world before them, making the experience all the more immersive and engaging.