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Friday updates + Poll

Greetings, citizens of Rock Head!

It is time for a grand reveal! No other than the leader of Doshnilov Group himself is on the big screen today. Despite being a reclusive individual, preferring to invest his time into orchestrating extensive research efforts and projects, Aydin apparently doesn’t shy away from good old gang violence. This year he is leading his men and women to the Arena - to bring back resounding victory or fresh corpses.

Outrageous news! Through our investigation it was revealed that not only did Heavy Duty Cult play a role in the abduction of mutants, but they apparently use them in a pathetic mockery of our sacred, meritocratic gladiatorial traditions. Enslaved citizens of Rock Head are now providing cheap entertainment to living scrap metal on the other side of the wasteland. Rock Head officials are yet to comment on these findings, but two new pages are now up for you to see the evidence with your own eyes.

We shall keep you updated on further developments.

P.S. We are experimenting with the comic format and we would like to know your opinion on the matter of plot variability. Here is a poll:

It is going to be up for 2 weeks and its results are going to influence the way we approach user interaction.

Thank you in advance!


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