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July Preview

Hey there!

We hope you're all doing brilliantly and are excited about what's to come because we have some exhilarating news to share with you today! Let's take a sneak peek into next month's miniature showcase, including:

- Torchbearer Syndicate build-kit

7 fighters, 4 new weapon types, complete with pre-made cards for Rock Head: Gangs Arena and compatible with popular wargames.

- Rock Head Dice Tower

3 months loyalty reward, 100% free for our dedicated supporters.

- Hilda Ice Princess for $1 tier

We are branching out into fantasy! If you want to try out our products or dip your toes in 3D printing without committing to a more expensive tier, this is a perfect opportunity to do so. Hilda is also going to be available to Early Bird and Headhunter tiers.

Stay tuned for upcoming updates, releases, and surprises. Together, let's continue creating unforgettable gaming experiences!


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