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Talaithe Island: mysterious characters and their secrets

In the vastness of the magical world, far from the eyes of civilization, lies the island of Talaithe, unmarked on any map. This island is steeped in mysticism and mystery; every stone and every tree on it holds its secrets and legends.

Today we will reveal a few secrets of those who live on this island and those you will meet on your way…

Grey map of the Island, find out the secrets and mysteries of Talita

Raven God

The Raven God, a mysterious and powerful figure who collects not only material possessions but also knowledge, thoughts, memories, and even souls, adds a deep mystical element to the island's history. This character certainly plays a key role in Talaithe's mythology, being both its protector and a potential threat to those who dare to seek adventure in its territory. The Raven God has minions you can print out for the game!

Miniature of a half-man half-man from a board game against the background of a magical forest

Blood Cravers

The island is plagued by a gang opposed to the Raven, who are called the Blood Cravers by all the locals. Their determination and fearlessness in confronting the tyranny of black magic is inspiring. They stand out for creating weapons and carrying trophies made from the bones of Raven God minions, that adds further depth and tragedy to their imagery.

Two stand out among this gang: Era Tolstag and Grim Dragon. Brave heroes with a thirst for revenge…  Stunning miniatures with deeply detailed artwork will add a touch of intrigue to your game!

Miniatures of the robbers from TTRPG

Perfect play

We believe that a game becomes interesting only when everything in it is perfect: lore, story, miniatures. In the adventure you will find digital models for 3D-printing. Our team has worked long and hard to create these highly-detailed miniatures, which undoubtedly give "Age of Aether: Eye of a Storm" a special atmosphere and will help you immerse yourself even deeper into the world of Talaithe Island!

Miniatures on the background of the island map

Come on!

We are waiting for you to join our adventure and unravel the secrets of this mysterious world. Immerse yourself in the magic of Talaithe Island and experience a new level of pleasure!


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