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New quests. New enemies

In “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm” you will become a brave hero who must travel through a world ravaged by powerful forces of nature to deliver a mysterious package to a reclusive mage. You must use your wit and strength and overcome a series of challenges to uncover the secrets of the lost island.

Ages of aether kickstarter

It all began, when…

Beyond Tornean, in the heart of the known world, stretches the edge of the turbulent waters of the Anwarran Sea, where the ship New Frontiers found itself in mortal combat with a merciless storm. Mired in despair and struggling to survive, the explorers found hope when their ship found itself in a graveyard of ships near the mysterious island of Talaite, unmarked on any known map.

The great forest surrounding their hostile territory gave them food and protection, and the ancient abandoned city they discovered in the wilds gave them new life. For three centuries, the island has drawn shipwreck survivors - the brave, the desperate and the mad - who have found their calling in this place.

Ages of aether illustrations

Goal: Survive

The neighborhood of Talaite is commonly called "The End of Hope" because of the gloomy

atmosphere that prevails here. Weaving shadows and unknown mysteries give rise to an unsettling feeling here. Legend has it that spirits dwell here, creatures of unrecognized worlds that promise secret knowledge and higher powers to those who are worthy.

In this world, where every step is shrouded in the charms of centuries, every forest hillside holds legends and magic, a test awaits you. Only the brave and courageous will be able to overcome all obstacles and get to the right place at the right time to fulfill the task to uncover all the secrets. But will your courage alone be enough?

What awaits you?

  • 50+ character models and building elements;

  • 6 Different story endings;

  • 5 Epic Heroes;

  • 4 unique locations;

  • 9 monster cards and 7 artifacts;

  • Instruction manual with all features and information;

  • All furniture elements can be used in other TTRPG campaigns;

  • 50-page illustrated adventure.

Ages of aether set

Hurry up, you're late!

The mysterious world is full of riddles and possibilities - you will go on new adventures, explore unexplored places and meet new creatures. Whether they will be your friends or enemies - we'll find out later. Adventure calls, are you ready to answer the call?


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