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Miniature Heroes and Monsters in "Ages of Aether"

Hello friends! You often ask us about the miniatures that await you in our exciting campaign “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm”, and today we're excited to tell you more about these little masterpieces.

miniatures from ages of aether taiga miniatures

Majestic heroes and mysterious monsters

Our miniatures are more than just action figures. They are the keys to the gates of a magical world where every character, every creature and every building comes to life, taking you on an amazing journey. Here are just a few that you will find in our set:

  • Majestic Heroes: 5 epic heroes, each with their own unique destiny and skill. 

  • Mysterious Monsters: 10 intimidating miniatures will bring different exciting challenges to your game and delight the eye with their elaboration;

  • Miniature Wonders: 50+ character and terrane models, each of which is a small masterpiece that can decorate your table and make every game unforgettable.

We are sure that these miniatures will not only decorate your gaming table, but also breathe life into every gaming session, making your adventures even more memorable and exciting.

three miniatures from ages of aether

Want to contribute to the creation of the adventure?

If you've always dreamed of contributing to unique worlds and being part of the exciting creative process, then our Patreon and MyMiniFactory are just what you need! Join our Patreon and get exclusive access to new miniatures, free gifts, secret materials, unique discounts, and the opportunity to influence future projects!

What's all this for?

We're here to make your journey through “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm” even more unforgettable. Do you have questions about our miniatures, heroes, monsters, or mystical artifacts? Or maybe you're interested in something specific about our unique worlds and their stories?

Don't be shy! We invite you to submit your questions right now. Whether it's questions about design, challenges in gameplay, or curiosity about the creation of our magical world. We're here to share and help unlock all the mysteries of “Ages of Aether”. Your interest makes our community better!

Don't be afraid to write a question in the comments!

Stay Tuned

We look forward to having you in the ranks of our heroes. Subscribe, share the excitement, and join us on the journey. See you in the world of magic!


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