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Journey into the world of “Taiga Miniatures”

In a world where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur, where every figure and line on the map turns into living stories, magic is born. Welcome to a unique space where dreams come to life and fantasies become reality. In this article we will lift the veil of mystery and show you something interesting. We invite you on a journey through the lands of "Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm", created with love and skill by the Taiga Miniatures team!

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History and mission of the company 

It all started with a desire to fulfill a dream. A few years ago, we, a group of enthusiasts, came together to create something new in the world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG). Our goal was to attract new fans to the world of tabletop role-playing games. Our mission is to inspire by creating unique game elements that stir the imagination and make you want to go on an adventure!

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Creating a miracle: Inside the Taiga Miniatures Workshop

In Taiga Miniatures, every member of the team is an artist, a storyteller, and a master of their craft. We meticulously craft every detail, from majestic miniatures to compelling lore and story. Our team is a symbiosis of talent and passion for the game. And our greatest achievement so far is "Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm".

Discover the epic adventure 

Behind each of our creations is many hours of work, craftsmanship and love of detail. Every member of the team put their heart and soul into “Age of Aether” to make this adventure not just a game, but a whole world full of mysteries and unexpected discoveries.

Miniatures in a green forest

Adventure awaits: Features and content of the game

You will try on the role of a courier. Your path lies through an enchanted forest on the gloomy island of Talaite, full of mystery, mysticism and magic.

In the adventure you will find:

  • 50+ STL printables: characters, monsters and terrain elements that can be used in other TTRPG campaigns;

  • 6 different story endings;

  • 5 epic heroes;

  • 4 unique locations;

  • 50-page illustrated adventure;

  • 7 mystical artifacts and 9 monster statblocks;

  • Instruction manual with all features and information.

  • Tokens for playing with your friends in virtual simulators for tabletop games.

The adventure is out now, hurry up and join in!

Campaign cover by Taiga Miniatures with project description

More than a game: The mission and vision of Taiga Miniatures

We believe that this is not just a game, it is a gateway to a universe where everyone can become a hero. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of this world by attracting new players, offering them incredible adventures.

Become part of our universe

Join our magical journey! Discover “Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm” and become part of our fascinating world. We are already preparing new amazing adventures and are waiting for you to explore uncharted lands together! Live out your dreams in a dark fantasy world full of enemies and mysterious artifacts. Subscribe!


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