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A D&D one-shot on the making: Age of Ethers Dev Blog #1

We are happy to announce that, having dipped our toes in fantasy-related content, we are now working on a D&D one-shot adventure, the first in the series with a working title Age of Ethers.

This prologue chapter will take you the isle that had been locked away and had no connection with the outer world until a stable portal was created by the first settlers stranded through a magical anomaly. Since then, generations of Keepers have been hard at work maintaining it, and the village that sprouted around the portal has bloosmed into a bustling city, a center of trade, attracting merchants, adventurers, and fortune seekers from all corners of the realm. The island is yet to yield to the foreign influence, however, making the secrets of its untamed wilds all the more tantalizing.

Your task is straightforward - to deliver a set of magical equipment to a reclusive wizard. His peaceful retirement has taken him away from the daily troubles of the city he once served to an arcane tower of his own. The promise of an easy job hangs in the air.

The adventure is going to feature downloadable 3D content, original illustrations, maps and detailed guidelines on how to run the game.

The one-shot is just beginning its development journey! Keep a watchful eye for future updates and until next time!


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