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June Preview

Hello, survivors! Aftermath Reports is here to remind you that:

- Tectonic Titans build-kit is still available until tomorrow for Tega Group supporters, last chance to grab it if you haven't already.

Made to faithfully resemble the actual gang of undercity dwellers that has been mopping the floor with its Arena competitors. Perhaps, thanks to our Rock Head: Gangs Arena tactical wargame your gang will be the one to return the favour.

26 parts, 7 weapons, pre-made cards, pre-supported and test-printed.

- The release of Doshnilov Group is scheduled for June 2.

The Titans' main competitors are entering the Arena! A modular set consisting of a leader, 5 bodies, 8 heads and 9 pairs of arms, equipped with a variety of deadly weapons. And an ace up their sleeve - a walking robotic meatgrinder based on pre-Blackout blueprints. Familiarise yourself with their strengths and weaknesses or join them in the next showdown.

- The final pages of the current comic chapter will be available this Friday.

Find out what happened to the abducted mutants brought against their will to the very heart of Heavy Duty Cult territories.

Tune in for the new chapter and follow the misadventures of the mysterious figure thought to be the one behind a foiled sabotage attempt during Junkspiders vs Ravenclaws fight. Whoever they may be, they are between a rock and a hard place, hunted down by both gangs.

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