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Mosh Pit Dev Blog #6: Events

Hello fellow tabletop enthusiasts! It's been an exciting journey as we've been hard at work crafting the next iteration of our tabletop skirmish game. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the latest version, V2.0, which has just completed successful testing. We've got a lot to share, so let's dive right into the updates and enhancements.

Introducing Bloodletting: The Delayed Damage Mechanic

One of the major additions to our game is the all-new effect mechanic known as "Bloodletting." Bloodletting introduces a twist to the skirmish experience, causing delayed damage to your opponents.

Hero Cards Get a Makeover

Our heroes are at the forefront of the action, and they deserve special attention. In V2.0, we've revamped hero cards with a host of new actions: Dash, Add, Check, Discard, and Bleed.

  • Dash: Heroes can now make a swift, straight-line movement for a strictly specified distance. Beware, though; if there's an obstacle in the hero's path, a collision effect is triggered, adding an element of unpredictability to your skirmishes.

  • Add: We've introduced a classic card game mechanic. Now, heroes can add new cards to their deck, enhancing their tactical options as the game progresses.

  • Check: Peek into your opponent's cards! Knowledge is power, and with this action, you can view your opponent's cards from their deck and, if needed, discard them, stealing a strategic advantage.

  • Discard: Prune your own deck strategically by discarding cards you no longer need, ensuring your deck remains finely tuned.

  • Bleed: Heroes now have cards with unique properties, including the ability to inflict bleeding effects on their foes.

Enter the Unique Support Cards

Our gladiators have received some much-needed support. V2.0 introduces "Slaver Cards" - cards tied to slaver types. You can choose one of three types at the beginning of the match. These cards are designed to bolster and assist your characters in the arena.

Quests, Expanded and Enhanced

The quest system has seen significant expansion and modification. The quest list has grown, promising varied challenges and rewards.

Beta Release Plans and Balance Work

As we prepare to unleash V2.0 onto the tabletop gaming community, our focus is on ensuring balance and gameplay refinement. We're actively seeking a platform to release the beta version, where dedicated players like you can help us fine-tune and improve the experience further. Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Dynamic and Unpredictable Gameplay with Events

To inject even more dynamism and unpredictability into your tabletop battles, we're introducing events. These random occurrences can significantly impact the outcome of your skirmishes. From card loss to zone closures, healing, damage, terrain shifts, and more, you'll need to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield.

The Flea Market: Your In-Game Store

We're introducing a new way to acquire cards through the "Flea Market." In this store, a set number of cards are openly available during the procurement phase. Players can carefully choose from this selection, adding another layer of strategy to deck building.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and enhance the game!


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