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  • Talaithe Island: mysterious characters and their secrets

    In the vastness of the magical world, far from the eyes of civilization, lies the island of Talaithe, unmarked on any map. This island is steeped in mysticism and mystery; every stone and every tree on it holds its secrets and legends. Today we will reveal a few secrets of those who live on this island and those you will meet on your way… Raven God The Raven God, a mysterious and powerful figure who collects not only material possessions but also knowledge, thoughts, memories, and even souls, adds a deep mystical element to the island's history. This character certainly plays a key role in Talaithe's mythology, being both its protector and a potential threat to those who dare to seek adventure in its territory. The Raven God has minions you can print out for the game! Blood Cravers The island is plagued by a gang opposed to the Raven, who are called the Blood Cravers by all the locals. Their determination and fearlessness in confronting the tyranny of black magic is inspiring. They stand out for creating weapons and carrying trophies made from the bones of Raven God minions, that adds further depth and tragedy to their imagery. Two stand out among this gang: Era Tolstag and Grim Dragon. Brave heroes with a thirst for revenge…  Stunning miniatures with deeply detailed artwork will add a touch of intrigue to your game! Perfect play We believe that a game becomes interesting only when everything in it is perfect: lore, story, miniatures. In the adventure you will find digital models for 3D-printing. Our team has worked long and hard to create these highly-detailed miniatures, which undoubtedly give "Age of Aether: Eye of a Storm" a special atmosphere and will help you immerse yourself even deeper into the world of Talaithe Island! Come on! We are waiting for you to join our adventure and unravel the secrets of this mysterious world. Immerse yourself in the magic of Talaithe Island and experience a new level of pleasure!

  • Miniature Heroes and Monsters in "Ages of Aether"

    Hello friends! You often ask us about the miniatures that await you in our exciting campaign “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm”, and today we're excited to tell you more about these little masterpieces. Majestic heroes and mysterious monsters Our miniatures are more than just action figures. They are the keys to the gates of a magical world where every character, every creature and every building comes to life, taking you on an amazing journey. Here are just a few that you will find in our set: Majestic Heroes: 5 epic heroes, each with their own unique destiny and skill. Mysterious Monsters: 10 intimidating miniatures will bring different exciting challenges to your game and delight the eye with their elaboration; Miniature Wonders: 50+ character and terrane models, each of which is a small masterpiece that can decorate your table and make every game unforgettable. We are sure that these miniatures will not only decorate your gaming table, but also breathe life into every gaming session, making your adventures even more memorable and exciting. Want to contribute to the creation of the adventure? If you've always dreamed of contributing to unique worlds and being part of the exciting creative process, then our Patreon and MyMiniFactory are just what you need! Join our Patreon and get exclusive access to new miniatures, free gifts, secret materials, unique discounts, and the opportunity to influence future projects! What's all this for? We're here to make your journey through “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm” even more unforgettable. Do you have questions about our miniatures, heroes, monsters, or mystical artifacts? Or maybe you're interested in something specific about our unique worlds and their stories? Don't be shy! We invite you to submit your questions right now. Whether it's questions about design, challenges in gameplay, or curiosity about the creation of our magical world. We're here to share and help unlock all the mysteries of “Ages of Aether”. Your interest makes our community better! Stay Tuned We look forward to having you in the ranks of our heroes. Subscribe, share the excitement, and join us on the journey. See you in the world of magic!

  • Journey into the world of “Taiga Miniatures”

    In a world where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur, where every figure and line on the map turns into living stories, magic is born. Welcome to a unique space where dreams come to life and fantasies become reality. In this article we will lift the veil of mystery and show you something interesting. We invite you on a journey through the lands of "Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm", created with love and skill by the Taiga Miniatures team! History and mission of the company It all started with a desire to fulfill a dream. A few years ago, we, a group of enthusiasts, came together to create something new in the world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPG). Our goal was to attract new fans to the world of tabletop role-playing games. Our mission is to inspire by creating unique game elements that stir the imagination and make you want to go on an adventure! Creating a miracle: Inside the Taiga Miniatures Workshop In Taiga Miniatures, every member of the team is an artist, a storyteller, and a master of their craft. We meticulously craft every detail, from majestic miniatures to compelling lore and story. Our team is a symbiosis of talent and passion for the game. And our greatest achievement so far is "Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm". Discover the epic adventure Behind each of our creations is many hours of work, craftsmanship and love of detail. Every member of the team put their heart and soul into “Age of Aether” to make this adventure not just a game, but a whole world full of mysteries and unexpected discoveries. Adventure awaits: Features and content of the game You will try on the role of a courier. Your path lies through an enchanted forest on the gloomy island of Talaite, full of mystery, mysticism and magic. In the adventure you will find: 50+ STL printables: characters, monsters and terrain elements that can be used in other TTRPG campaigns; 6 different story endings; 5 epic heroes; 4 unique locations; 50-page illustrated adventure; 7 mystical artifacts and 9 monster statblocks; Instruction manual with all features and information. Tokens for playing with your friends in virtual simulators for tabletop games. The adventure is out now, hurry up and join in! More than a game: The mission and vision of Taiga Miniatures We believe that this is not just a game, it is a gateway to a universe where everyone can become a hero. Our goal is to expand the boundaries of this world by attracting new players, offering them incredible adventures. Become part of our universe Join our magical journey! Discover “Age of Aether: Eye of the Storm” and become part of our fascinating world. We are already preparing new amazing adventures and are waiting for you to explore uncharted lands together! Live out your dreams in a dark fantasy world full of enemies and mysterious artifacts. Subscribe!

  • New quests. New enemies

    In “Ages of Aether: Eye of the Storm” you will become a brave hero who must travel through a world ravaged by powerful forces of nature to deliver a mysterious package to a reclusive mage. You must use your wit and strength and overcome a series of challenges to uncover the secrets of the lost island. It all began, when… Beyond Tornean, in the heart of the known world, stretches the edge of the turbulent waters of the Anwarran Sea, where the ship New Frontiers found itself in mortal combat with a merciless storm. Mired in despair and struggling to survive, the explorers found hope when their ship found itself in a graveyard of ships near the mysterious island of Talaite, unmarked on any known map. The great forest surrounding their hostile territory gave them food and protection, and the ancient abandoned city they discovered in the wilds gave them new life. For three centuries, the island has drawn shipwreck survivors - the brave, the desperate and the mad - who have found their calling in this place. Goal: Survive The neighborhood of Talaite is commonly called "The End of Hope" because of the gloomy atmosphere that prevails here. Weaving shadows and unknown mysteries give rise to an unsettling feeling here. Legend has it that spirits dwell here, creatures of unrecognized worlds that promise secret knowledge and higher powers to those who are worthy. In this world, where every step is shrouded in the charms of centuries, every forest hillside holds legends and magic, a test awaits you. Only the brave and courageous will be able to overcome all obstacles and get to the right place at the right time to fulfill the task to uncover all the secrets. But will your courage alone be enough? What awaits you? 50+ character models and building elements; 6 Different story endings; 5 Epic Heroes; 4 unique locations; 9 monster cards and 7 artifacts; Instruction manual with all features and information; All furniture elements can be used in other TTRPG campaigns; 50-page illustrated adventure. Hurry up, you're late! The mysterious world is full of riddles and possibilities - you will go on new adventures, explore unexplored places and meet new creatures. Whether they will be your friends or enemies - we'll find out later. Adventure calls, are you ready to answer the call?

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #6: Events

    Hello fellow tabletop enthusiasts! It's been an exciting journey as we've been hard at work crafting the next iteration of our tabletop skirmish game. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to the latest version, V2.0, which has just completed successful testing. We've got a lot to share, so let's dive right into the updates and enhancements. Introducing Bloodletting: The Delayed Damage Mechanic One of the major additions to our game is the all-new effect mechanic known as "Bloodletting." Bloodletting introduces a twist to the skirmish experience, causing delayed damage to your opponents. Hero Cards Get a Makeover Our heroes are at the forefront of the action, and they deserve special attention. In V2.0, we've revamped hero cards with a host of new actions: Dash, Add, Check, Discard, and Bleed. Dash: Heroes can now make a swift, straight-line movement for a strictly specified distance. Beware, though; if there's an obstacle in the hero's path, a collision effect is triggered, adding an element of unpredictability to your skirmishes. Add: We've introduced a classic card game mechanic. Now, heroes can add new cards to their deck, enhancing their tactical options as the game progresses. Check: Peek into your opponent's cards! Knowledge is power, and with this action, you can view your opponent's cards from their deck and, if needed, discard them, stealing a strategic advantage. Discard: Prune your own deck strategically by discarding cards you no longer need, ensuring your deck remains finely tuned. Bleed: Heroes now have cards with unique properties, including the ability to inflict bleeding effects on their foes. Enter the Unique Support Cards Our gladiators have received some much-needed support. V2.0 introduces "Slaver Cards" - cards tied to slaver types. You can choose one of three types at the beginning of the match. These cards are designed to bolster and assist your characters in the arena. Quests, Expanded and Enhanced The quest system has seen significant expansion and modification. The quest list has grown, promising varied challenges and rewards. Beta Release Plans and Balance Work As we prepare to unleash V2.0 onto the tabletop gaming community, our focus is on ensuring balance and gameplay refinement. We're actively seeking a platform to release the beta version, where dedicated players like you can help us fine-tune and improve the experience further. Leave your suggestions in the comments below. Dynamic and Unpredictable Gameplay with Events To inject even more dynamism and unpredictability into your tabletop battles, we're introducing events. These random occurrences can significantly impact the outcome of your skirmishes. From card loss to zone closures, healing, damage, terrain shifts, and more, you'll need to adapt to the ever-changing battlefield. The Flea Market: Your In-Game Store We're introducing a new way to acquire cards through the "Flea Market." In this store, a set number of cards are openly available during the procurement phase. Players can carefully choose from this selection, adding another layer of strategy to deck building. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine and enhance the game!

  • Age of Aether Dev Blog #2: Enemies and Rewards

    Greetings, adventurers! We're back with an update on our upcoming dark fantasy-themed D&D 5e adventure. Our team has been hard at work crafting the narrative. Our current focus is visuals for the items and adversaries you will come across through the course of the journey. Today, we're going to give you a sneak peek. Talaithe Boar Talaithe boars are even larger and fiercer than their mainland cousins, sporting sharp tusks and thick, scaly hides, and posing a tangible threat to travellers. However, there is more to this boar’s behaviour than compulsion of instinct. Its movements are almost mechanically deliberate, and its gaze is intense with animosity. What could be driving these creatures to act with such calculated hostility? Revived Warrior Though they are under the same curse, it has affected them to various degrees. For some the experience of inhabiting their own dead bodies has proven to be traumatic beyond all repair; some still retain willpower and hope; some are only dimly aware of what is happening and dwell in comforting memories of the past. Whose command is this discordant warband under? Amulet of Refined Balance As you notice faint yellow light spilling out of the boar's maw, you find the crystal, lodged firmly in its gum. A warm feeling of safety and comfort rises within you: a protective charm, no doubt. Ironically, it might have been shielding the very boar that mauled its original owner. How did it end up there? We can't wait for you to find answers to these questions as your characters embark on what was supposed to be a run-of-the-mill delivery. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape this adventure. Taiga Miniatures Team

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #3:

    Greetings! We're excited to share the latest updates on our upcoming game. The development team has been hard at work, and we have some thrilling news to share with you all. Let's dive right in! 1. Arena Visualization: The time has come to bring the arena to life! Our team is starting work on the visual aspects of the arena, ensuring that battles takes place in an immersive environment. 2. Custom Arena Building: We're thrilled to announce that we're exploring the possibility of allowing players to create their own arenas! The arena will be designed in the form of honeycombs, which can be rotated, moved, added, and more. This feature will enable you to craft unique game maps that suit your playstyle and tactical preferences. 3. Balancing Gameplay and Progression: We understand the importance of a balanced and engaging gameplay experience. To achieve this, we are reworking the cards to create distinct fighting styles for each gladiator. For example, the Spider will excel at setting traps and creating obstacles, while the Termite will be a versatile fighter capable of dealing massive AoE damage. The Butcher, on the other hand, will be a nimble assassin, always on the move. Prepare to strategize and adapt your tactics based on your gladiator's unique abilities. 4. Introducing New Gladiators: The roster of formidable fighters is expanding! Our team is working on bringing new gladiators to the game, each with their own set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses. Stay tuned for updates on these exciting additions to the roster. 5. Playtests: We're thrilled to announce that closed playtests are underway! Our team is rigorously testing the game to identify any areas that require fine-tuning and adjustments. Expect open playtests in the near future, where you may potentially even compete with someone from our development team. We value your feedback and look forward to refining the game based on your valuable input. 6. Slaver Cards and Slavemasters: We're working on introducing common cards that will strengthen your decks, known as slaver cards. These cards will be tied to various slavemasters, who will define your playstyle. Whether you prefer a defensive approach, focused on protecting your gladiators and holding strategic points, or an aggressive playstyle aiming to defeat as many opponents as possible, or even a magnate style focused on building up your economy quickly – we've got you covered! 7. Art Design: Our talented artists have begun designing the game, bringing the characters, arenas, and visuals to life. That's all for this devblog update! We hope you're as excited as we are about these upcoming features and improvements. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the near future. Remember, the arena awaits your triumph! Taiga Miniatures Team

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #5: Slave Owners and Ability Enhancements

    Welcome back to another exciting update on Mosh Pit, the tabletop gladiatorial skirmish game that's shaping up to be a thrilling experience! In today's dev blog, we'll delve into a key aspect of the game: Slave Owners and the unique methods they employ to improve their gladiatorial slaves. Slave Owners: Masters of High Society In the world of Mosh Pit, Slave Owners are the elite members of high society who own and oversee the brutal gladiatorial contests. Each Slave Owner is characterized by their distinct philosophy and approach to enhancing their slaves. These powerful figures are not just formidable adversaries but also key components of the game's rich narrative. Mechanics: Crafting the Ultimate Warrior Some Slave Owners are masters of mechanical augmentation. They transform their slaves by replacing their limbs and body parts with intricate mechanical implants. These enhanced gladiators are not just fearsome fighters but also walking marvels of technology, boasting increased strength, resilience, and unique abilities. Nanotech: Merging Man and Machine For other Slave Owners, nanotechnology is the path to victory. They implant tiny chips and semi-mechanical devices into their slaves, creating a symbiotic relationship between man and machine. This integration grants gladiators the ability to reconfigure their skills on the fly to match their opponents. Chemistry: Genes and Mutations Chemistry-focused Slave Owners take a different route to power. They introduce mutagens into their gladiators, altering their DNA and physiology. These genetic enhancements offer a wide range of unique abilities, from increased speed and agility to deadly venomous attacks. These gladiators are living experiments, their bodies altered to perfection. Ability Enhancements (Combos) As the game progresses, players will have the opportunity to collect Ability Enhancements, or "Combos," that reflect the unique methods of their chosen Slave Owner. These Combos not only define the gameplay style of each Slave Owner but also serve as a strategic element in the game. Players will need to carefully choose and deploy their Combos to gain an advantage over their opponents, making each match a dynamic and challenging experience. What's Next? Mosh Pit is rapidly evolving, and we're thrilled to see it come to life. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to refine the game mechanics, create miniatures, and build the immersive world of gladiatorial combat. Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for Mosh Pit. We can't wait to share more with you in the coming months. Until then, keep your weapons sharp, and your strategies sharper!

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #4: Cards and Upgrades

    Hello, players! Today, we want to share a quick about our tabletop game that is currently in development. We hope that you will enjoy the new mechanics. 1. Hero cards: We have decided to make the hero cards versatile tools that allow heroes to move, defend, attack, and use their special abilities. Now, you don't need to memorize numerous rules and tables to know what your hero can do. Each character will have its own deck of cards, listing the abilities' effects, the distance the character can cover when they activate said abilities and passive bonuses they yield. 2. Slave Masters: In our game, each player will have their own slave master card, specializing in a specific area when upgrading their fighters. We will have several different types of slave masters, such as mechanics, biotechnicians, and chemists. Each of them will have unique abilities and resources that will allow you to create strong and versatile fighters. 3. Progression mechanics throughout the game: We want your gaming experience to be dynamic at every stage. That's why we offer you the opportunity to upgrade your fighters with implants of specific types after each battle. This will allow you to give your champions new abilities and advantages in subsequent rounds. You will be able to adapt to changing situations and create unique skill combinations to achieve victory. We continue to work on the game and strive to create a memorable gaming experience for you. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with us. Thank you for your support and patience. We look forward to sharing more detailed information about our game in the near future.

  • A D&D one-shot on the making: Age of Ethers Dev Blog #1

    We are happy to announce that, having dipped our toes in fantasy-related content, we are now working on a D&D one-shot adventure, the first in the series with a working title Age of Ethers. This prologue chapter will take you the isle that had been locked away and had no connection with the outer world until a stable portal was created by the first settlers stranded through a magical anomaly. Since then, generations of Keepers have been hard at work maintaining it, and the village that sprouted around the portal has bloosmed into a bustling city, a center of trade, attracting merchants, adventurers, and fortune seekers from all corners of the realm. The island is yet to yield to the foreign influence, however, making the secrets of its untamed wilds all the more tantalizing. Your task is straightforward - to deliver a set of magical equipment to a reclusive wizard. His peaceful retirement has taken him away from the daily troubles of the city he once served to an arcane tower of his own. The promise of an easy job hangs in the air. The adventure is going to feature downloadable 3D content, original illustrations, maps and detailed guidelines on how to run the game. The one-shot is just beginning its development journey! Keep a watchful eye for future updates and until next time!

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #3: Game board

    Welcome to another dev blog for "Mosh Pit" - the tabletop skirmish game where slave gladiators battle it out in the arena! Today, we'd like to share with you a major development: the introduction of hexagonal tiles to our game board. 1) Simulating the Arena and Dynamic Fights By incorporating hexagonal tiles into our game board, we aim to create a more immersive and realistic experience for players. The hexagonal shape closely mimics the layout of a real arena, allowing players to truly feel like they're commanding their gladiators. The smaller size of these tiles also adds a dynamic element to fights, as players will have to carefully plan their moves and strategies within the limited space. 2) A Separate Project with Unique Gameplay While "Mosh Pit" shares similarities with other tabletop skirmish games in terms of the presence of miniatures and gladiatorial theme, we want to emphasize that this is a separate project altogether. "Mosh Pit" offers a distinct gameplay experience, focusing on the intense battles between individual slave gladiators in a brutal arena setting as opposed to gangs. These fighters will be 3) Traps and Random Effects One exciting feature we have in store for "Mosh Pit" is the inclusion of traps on the game board. These traps will add an element of surprise and strategy to the game, as players will have the opportunity to set them up themselves. Each trap will have a random effect, further increasing the unpredictability of every match. Players will need to carefully consider trap placement and timing to gain a tactical advantage over their opponents and avoid shooting themselves in the leg. Stay tuned for more updates on "Mosh Pit" as we continue to develop and refine this skirmish game. We can't wait to share more details about the traps and other exciting features that await you in the arena. Until next time!

  • Mosh Pit Dev Blog #2: Mechanics

    Get ready to plunge into the adrenaline-fueled world of tabletop wargaming with Mosh Pit. In this article, we delve into some of the draft mechanics that we are considering implementing to make Mosh Pit an unforgettable gaming experience. Gladiator Upgrades: In Mosh Pit, the growth and development of your fighters will play a crucial role in their success. As you battle through multiple encounters, your gladiators will accumulate experience points, allowing you to upgrade their characteristics, equipment, and skills. The warriors are going to be fewer in number, but with added depth of customization. Player Interaction: Mosh Pit fosters an engaging social aspect by incorporating player interaction into the gameplay. Before each fight, players can place bets on various events such as crowd support, drawing a particular card, or predicting a specific outcome. If successful, players can gain beneficial buffs or additional experience, while also having the opportunity to hinder their opponents. This unique addition not only adds excitement during the matches but also enhances the overall competitiveness and strategic thinking involved. Combat Combinations: Prepare to test your tactical prowess. Players can unleash devastating combinations of attacks and dodges using their gladiators. Each combination comes with a price and chance of success, providing players with the challenge of creating the most effective and deadly strategies. These mechanics are just a taste of what’s to come in Mosh Pit. We’re confident that they will enhance the overall gameplay experience. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to develop this thrilling tabletop wargame, and as always, leave your suggestions in the comments below. So, gear up and step into the arena – your glory awaits!

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